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Modafinil – The Most Picked Smart Drug by the Students

Modafinil can be regarded as the crown prince of all the smart drugs and sedative group of pharmaceuticals that assures motivation, memory enhancement and enhanced ability to focus for the users for hours. People when talk about the side-effects of modafinil, sometimes it seems like it is worth risking the side-effects in front of the benefits one can experience using ...

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3 Common Myths about Crack Addiction

Cocaine also referred to by its street name ‘Crack’, is a highly dangerous and addictive drug. Although it is a street drug, it is not quite cheap. Most of the people who use crack become dealers in order to cover their costs of addiction. Cocaine is often glamorized in the movies and TV series, however, the addiction can be very ...

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Why Cialis Is Used And Know About Its Side Effects

Cialis or Tadalafil is the novel drug relatively and launched by the Cipla. Cialis mainly reflexes the muscles as well as increases the blood flow in particular areas of the body. Tadalafil is mainly seen under the name called as Cialis for treating the Erectile Dysfunction or impotence. Cialis is also the best option for symptoms of the benign prostatic ...

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