3 Common Myths about Crack Addiction

Cocaine also referred to by its street name ‘Crack’, is a highly dangerous and addictive drug. Although it is a street drug, it is not quite cheap. Most of the people who use crack become dealers in order to cover their costs of addiction.

Cocaine is often glamorized in the movies and TV series, however, the addiction can be very severe and heavily disrupt the daily life of the user. There are many myths and misconceptions about crack floating around the internet. Social media has given freedom to everyone to share their views, which allowed many people to share false facts about cocaine drug, which can have an adverse impact on the lives of many people.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of top 3 common myths about crack addiction that are prevailing on the internet to educate masses about this harmful drug.

Cocaine addicts can quit whenever they want

Most people presume that a person who is suffering from cocaine addiction is able to quit this habit whenever they want. Contrary to this popular belief, a cocaine addict does not make a conscious choice to continue using it.

Most people, therefore, ask the addicts to leave the addiction by saying phrases “if you love, you would stop using cocaine” or “Choose between cocaine and me”, however, it is not easy for an addict to stop using crack and resume a normal life.

As a matter of fact, most people are often misguided about the definition of addiction itself. When a person is an addict, he suffers from a condition that triggers the drug user to use the substance. Despite the fact that a user is aware of the repercussions of the drug usage, they cannot hold them back and could not resist the urge.

The main factor behind this complication is the heavy dependence of their body on cocaine. If they suddenly stop taking cocaine, the body may experience mental and physical distress. This is also known as withdrawal and can be highly problematic and uncomfortable for the user.


Addiction to cocaine is a moral failure

Although it is true to some extent, however, it is not the case with every drug addict. Many people are introduced to cocaine against their will or at a very young age. It does not mean that it is their moral failure, but the problem is circumstantial. Most people unwillingly try this drug, perhaps due to peer pressure or the environment and gets hooked to it. Some people have a higher tendency of resistance, but other may be unable to resist the urge once they are addicted to cocaine.

What people do not understand is that starting to use a substance may be a choice, but addiction is not. Many addicts make numerous attempt to quit their cocaine addiction but relapse into it unless they undergo a crack addiction rehabilitation program.

Friends or family cannot help

This myth is the most dangerous one because it prevents many people from helping their family member or friend who is suffering from cocaine addiction. People must understand that while the drug user may be helpless against the addiction, but loved ones can always help them recover from the addiction.

Certainly, people cannot force the user to quit, however, there are certain methods, including but not limited to therapies and rehabilitation programs, which can help your loved ones to get over their crack addiction.

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