A Couple Reasons to at Least Get Familiar With Glass Weed Pipes

Glass weed pipes are certainly not the best for the smoothest smoking experience. They can be quite damn harsh and they’re really just not for everyone. I know very few people who prefer a pipe over joints, bongs, or vaporizers, but I do know some. There are some advantages to pipe smoking, like not having to roll up a little joint whenever you feel it’s time for a session, and it’s easy to carry around unlike a bong. The smoke is really harsh and the flavor of the weed is often compromised by straight up heat, considering how short the path from the bowl to your lungs generally is. It’s understandable for anyone to just stay away from pipes altogether and stick to their joints or vaping, but let me give you a couple reasons to at least get familiar with them and learn how to use them.

  1. Etiquette! Think about this. One day you might find yourself at a party or some other kind of social gathering where smoking pot is acceptable. What if you meet someone and have a great time getting to know them, and then they offer you a hit of their pipe? Sure you can say “no thanks, I only smoke joints” but good old human social anxiety might have you worried about seeming a bit pretentious. At this point, you’ve already decided to be polite and graciously accept, but oh no, you’ve never hit a pipe in your life. As you struggle with looking like you know what you’re doing, you end up making a fool of yourself because you were too shy to ask how to use it. Using a glass weed pipe is super simple, so take a second when you have a chance to learn how to use one and save yourself any awkward social troubles you may face.

Sometimes it’s all you’ve got. If there’s no more rolling papers and getting more at the store is out of the question because the store is far, or closed, then you might find yourself scrambling to find a way to smoke your green. If there’s a pipe around that’s a nice and easy solution to your dilemma. Even better, a familiarity with pipes and how they work can be turned into a skill of creating pipes out of unlikely objects. Anything from plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and even bananas and apples can be easily turned into pipes with just a few minutes and a bit of creative effort.

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