Anabolic and androgenic steroids

Steroids are better considered for various options apart from medical treatment. Once upon a time, there were periods where people were afraid to try different options, especially with steroids. But now people would like to give everything a try if they would benefit their goal. Steroids can be categorized as anabolic and androgenic steroids. While anabolic steroids are responsible for inducing male hormone testosterone in a user and help in building body androgenic steroids are responsible for helping bone growth and other parts development in a human. While anabolic steroids are classified much stronger and not prescribed for women commonly, the other type of steroids can be taken by both of them. Strong anabolic steroids are generally taken by the male users who are in a profession such as weight lifting and body building.

Less dangerous steroids and popular brands

There are many brands and version of steroids available for use in the market. Many of them solve the same purpose and help users attain their goal. But these steroids are capable of changing natural human functioning and many are considered harmful with more side effects. There are also some steroids which are less harmful anabolic steroids and considered bit safer than other products. Some of the steroids like Clenbuterol, D-BAL, Trenorol, and Anavar are considered bit milder than other steroids in the same range. These steroids are mainly used in cutting cycle where these help the users shed extra fat in the body and help ripping additional weight. Choosing these drugs for the use is very important and users will have to be cautious as these drugs have the capacity to affect the liver, intestine and many other vital hormones and parts of human being. Many steroids help to increase the metabolic rate of a user thereby increasing energy in the body. When this also goes beyond a particular limit it becomes a problem and causes numerous side effects.

Steroids and their medical use

While there are many ill-effects in using the steroids there are also many possible good benefits from using these steroids. Many of these steroids are developed for medical use for the veterinarygrade in the primary time. But as time rolled on, people started to discover its benefits and many wanted to use these steroids for their own purpose. These steroids many of them like Clen are capable of curing bronchitisand other respiratory diseases if taken in the correct dosage. Also, apart from losing or gaining weight, these steroids are capable of giving strength, flexibility, and durability to users and increase the workout recovery periods. Thus, these steroids as seen can benefit many users if used according to norms.

What factors decide if steroids are safe?

Many steroids are used for medical purpose. There are many less harmful anabolic steroids in the market and they are often used by many professionals without a prescription or medical advice. Professionals often don’t prefer safe steroids as they don’t give required results very often. This is when users start stacking these safe steroids with other doses and also go for higher dosages than recommended. Though this can prove effective over a period of time, there can be harmful side effects throughout the life. So caution is required in choosing a product.

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