Destination Spas Vs. Traditional Spas – Things You Need To Know!

Who doesn’t love to get pampered at a spa? Wellness services have become extremely popular over the years. There are all sorts of options, depending on what you want to spend. One of the trending terms today is a ‘destination spa’, which is a little different from a regular wellness center. In this post, we will discuss some of the aspects of both destination and traditional spas.

The services

Traditional spa services include massages, salon treatments and other kind of wellness services. In most cases, you will get a wide number of massage options and other treatments, which are meant to rejuvenate and heal the body and mind. Destination spas offer most of these things, but in an exotic destination. As obvious with the name, such spas are located at a special destination, either by the beach or in the mountains and valleys. As a guest, you will have the best services and can enjoy the weather, as well. However, they are called destination spas because people travel just there, and not like a vacation.

 The blurring lines

Back in the past, hotels and resorts included wellness services in their list, which was a great choice for customers and guests. However, destination spas are slightly different. These are not resorts that sell wellness massages. Instead, the focus is on offering an ambience that’s unlike a commercial space. You will have the best of staff and therapists, who will offer personal care and attention, depending on your interest and package. A traditional spa that’s located in an exotic location can be a destination spa, as well. Here, you can come and stay and enjoy regular salon services, but the environment is much better and calmer. Options like spa Strøm Montréal are quite popular in this category.

Other aspects

Most destination spas have events and special arrangements for their guests. You can check the calendar and pick a date that matches your holidays. Also, these wellness centers do promote all sorts of good lifestyle habits. For example, you can find healthy lunches, special food menu, yoga and meditation classes and much more.

Contrary to what people may believe, all destination wellness centers are not expensive. You can get some good packages in budget, and some of their services are extremely flexible. However, with most spas, seats are pretty limited, mainly because they focus on the environment and services, instead of big profits. Of course they make their money, but even the events have smaller batches for better enjoyment.

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