Elevnir Phentermine – a weight loss supplement

Elevnir is a weight loss drug that inhibits anxiety toward food and appetite. It has been the ideal supplement for weight reduction when used along with modified eating habits and workout. To buy Elevnir a doctor’s prescription is vital. This is a Spanish form drug of Phentermine which is manufactured in the United States of America. Many companies around the world sell phentermine under various names, Sentis is one such popular name of Phen. Sentis phentermine is manufactured in Laboratorio Chile, South America. Phentermine Chloride is the active ingredient of Elevenir. The drug is being an anorexigenic prescribed to suppress your appetite which definitely requires medical supervision for the continuity.

How does Elvenir Work & boost energy levels?

In 1959 the FDA approved Elvenir phentermine for weight loss and it had helped millions of people in their weight reduction. Phentermine does not do any magic unless you follow the drug along with proper diet regimen and regular exercise. However, the drug suppresses your hunger and produces energy. The drug directly affects Central Nervous System, deters appetite, and should not be administered for a long period of time.

Elvenir Phen stimulates the adrenal gland to release neurotransmitters which in turn secrete norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine that give you a fulfilled feeling, minimizes appetite and reduces food cravings. The hunger suppression may vary from person to person and most of the users experience less hunger and satiated. Phentermine induces various bodily functions, enhances glucose levels and fatty acids in the body by releasing adrenaline, breaks down food effectively for producing energy within the body cells. Such changes improve blood circulation in the muscles and oxygen in the lungs.

Which countries do sell Elvenir?

Elvenir is mostly sold in Colombia, Chile, and Mexico in South America. A proper prescription from a doctor is quite necessary to get Elvenir from the cited states. Other countries in pharmacies and online web stores sell Elvenir 37.5 mg pills legally without any prescription. Though you order the drug thru online without a prescription, a proper monitor from a physician is required to avoid unpleasant and potent side effects.

Elvenir side effects:

The drug does not produce the negative effects to all the users’; it depends on the dose, cycle. The commonly noticed side effects are Constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, irritability, dizziness and dry mouth. Elvenir phen has the tendency to increase blood pressure. So, monitor your BP regularly while on the drug’s cycle. Rarely, some serious downside effects would appear such as pulmonary hypertension, heart valve problem, dyspnea, chest pain, changes in the vision, seizure, hallucinations, changes in libido and uncontrolled muscle movements. If the serious effects persist, stop the drug and rush to the doctor.

Recommended Elvenir dosage:

37.5 mg or 30 mg Elvenir Phen is generally recommended for weight loss goal. Even so, the pills are available in 15 and 18.5 mg strengths. The doses and cycle should be prescribed by a  medico after knowing your history, age, weight and other conditions. Self-medication should be avoided. Be aware that to suppress your appetite the drug interacts with CNS. So, double care should be taken while handling such supplements.

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