Everything About Shampooing And Grooming Your Dog At Home!

Canines need more attention, especially when it comes to grooming. Even the most maintenance-free breeds require some amount of special care. Once in a while, you can take your dog for a spa session, but these services are particularly expensive. Bathing your pooch might seem tricky, but buying grooming products can be even more confusing. Here are the things you need, along with tips on buying the best products.

Understand your pet better

Dog breeds have different kinds of coat and hair, which largely define the grooming needs. With most breeds, you will do well with a brush, shampoo and conditioner. If your dog has a double coat, or long hair, you need to brush daily to check for fallouts. Also, keep an eye for dandruff and dry skin. As for shampoos, you have to take a call on how frequently you should wash/bath your dog. In case your pet ventures out of the house every day, he will need a wash every two to three days. Frequent washing can wash out the natural oils present in the skin, so don’t overdo the shampooing and grooming work.

Selecting the best shampoo

There are a wide variety of shampoos for pets, so consider your dog’s needs with care. It is wise to talk to your vet about his skin conditions and any special aspect that needs additional attention. If your dog has no skin disorders, you can go for a Medicated Oatmeal Dog Shampoo. Basically, you should look for products that have minimum chemicals and parabens. Everyone likes a well-smelling dog, but the fragrance in the shampoo should be natural and derived from essential oils. As for the conditioner, you need one for maintaining the sheen of the coat, but some shampoos have natural ingredients that condition the hair adequately. Conditioners are a matter of choice, but do consider one.

Final words

Dog’s coat needs a lot of grooming, but your regular routine is largely dependent on the pet’s lifestyle and breed. If the pet has an active lifestyle, he will sweat more often, which means more odor. On the other hand, senior dogs tend to have that ‘doggy’ smell, and you will find shampoos that have been formulated for older dogs. For puppies, you should look for gentle shampoos that are easy and have a no-tear formula.

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