Five Top Facts About The Hcg Diet!

Like everyone else, you might have heard some great things about the hCG diet. HCG is a hormone that’s produced by the body during pregnancy. In recent times, the popularity of hCG injections, drugs, and weight loss products have increased considerably. If you want to know more, here are the five facts that may come handy.

  • Does the diet work? According to some users, they have lost close to 30 pounds or even more with this diet plan. However, there is little scientific evidence in this regard, but with more research; probably we will have more information in days to come.

  • This is a low-calorie diet plan. You will have just two meals a day, which will include a slice of lean meat (protein), a breadstick, a portion of veggies, and one fruit. Please note that the diet needs considerable effort, and if you are a foodie, you might have a tough time avoiding oils, butters, and all sorts of processed foods. However, it should be noted that low-calorie diets that have less than 600 calories are great for losing weight, but you also need to exercise enough.
  • If you look for hCG supplements in the market, you will find quite a few choices. The drugs that contain actual hCG are actually very expensive and sold on prescription only. While you can get it here, there is a second choice of homeopathic hCG too. If you are in the first stage of losing weight, prescription variants are better. Other homeopathic hCG supplements are better when it comes to losing fat from the tough parts of the body.
  • hCG products can be expensive, as mentioned earlier, so you must buy them from the right sources. Keep in mind that the quality of the drug is of utmost importance, and therefore, you shouldn’t compromise on the standards.

  • If you are keen on using the hCG diet plan, you need to mind your diet. No form of dieting is recommended without exercise, which is something you need to understand. You need at least an hour of physical activity each day. This can be anything from jogging to running or even weight training.

Finally, don’t shy away from talking to an expert. There are also many websites, where you can find detailed information on the hCG diet plan. Consider your options and do focus on individual fitness goals before starting a diet and exercise plan.


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