Gallstone Dissolving Agents – Dental Drug

Ursodiol helps dissolve cholesterol gallstones. It’s ideal once the gallstones are small or “floatable.” Patients must have a practical gallbladder.


To dissolve cholesterol gallstones smaller sized sized than 20 mm across in patients that aren’t good candidates for surgery because of systemic disease, advanced age, or reaction to general anesthesia.

To avoid gallstones in obese patients experiencing rapid loss of weight.

Gallstone Recurrence: Treatment requires several days of therapy. Complete dissolution does not always occur and recurrence within 5 years remains observed in 50% or fewer patients. Consider alternative therapy if possible.

Pregnancy: There isn’t any sufficient and well-controlled studies in expecting mothers. Just use if clearly needed as well as the potential benefits over-shadow the possibility hazards for the fetus.

Breastfeeding: It isn’t known if ursodiol appears in breast milk. Speak to your physician prior to starting breastfeeding.

Children: Safety and effectiveness weren’t established.

Tests will probably be needed during treatment. Tests include liver function analysis.

Drug Interactions

Tell your physician or pharmacist if you are taking or planning to take any over ­ the-counter or prescription medications or dietary supplements using this drug. Drug doses should be modified or possibly another drug prescribed.

The following drugs and drug classes talk to this drug:

Antacids, Aluminum-based (eg, aluminum hydroxide)

Clofibrate (eg, Atromid-S)

Contraceptives, Dental (eg, Ortho-Novum)

Bile Acidity Sequestrants (eg, cholestyramine)

Estrogens (eg, ethinyl estradiol)

Unwanted Effects

Every drug is able to do producing unwanted effects. Many patients experience no, or minor, unwanted effects. How often and severity of unwanted effects depend on the majority of factors including dose, length of therapy and individual susceptibility. Possible unwanted effects include.

Digestive Tract: Nausea vomiting diarrhea severe abdominal discomfort (specifically in upper right side) indigestion constipation gas gallbladder inflammation inflammation in the mouth.

Nervous System: Headache fatigue anxiety depression lack of.

Skin: Rash itching hives dried-out skin sweating hair loss.

Other: Metallic taste joint and muscle discomfort cough runny nose back discomfort mouth sores.

Guidelines for use

Use just like prescribed. Otherwise, the gallstones may dissolve very progressively or in no way.

In case your dose is missed, go as rapidly as you possibly can. If several hrs have passed or maybe it’s nearing time for an additional dose, don’t double dose so that you can “get caught upInch (unless of course obviously advised to get this done out of your physician). If several dose is missed or you need to determine a completely new dosage schedule, confer with your physician or pharmacist.

Carefully keep to the diet your personal doctor has prescribed.

Confer with your physician if diarrhea, stomach discomfort, severe sudden discomfort in upper right side, queasiness occurs.

Therapy often takes several days. Complete dissolving of gallstones does not take place in most sufferers, and recurrence within 5 years happens because 50% of patients.

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