Modafinil – The Most Picked Smart Drug by the Students

Modafinil can be regarded as the crown prince of all the smart drugs and sedative group of pharmaceuticals that assures motivation, memory enhancement and enhanced ability to focus for the users for hours.

People when talk about the side-effects of modafinil, sometimes it seems like it is worth risking the side-effects in front of the benefits one can experience using such drug.

Today, the stress of education and holding a competitive edge over others has increased among the students to much extent. From a kid life to teenager, students are forcefully made to think higher beyond their abilities and perform excellently whether it is their course subjects, co-curricular activities, sports etc. Sometimes, they fail to bear that pressure and move towards their goal with no interest, laziness and irritation. The headache of being a topper is the primary reason why most teenagers are turning towards taking these smart drugs. They want to study all the time and for this, they can even leave time for eating healthy, exercising, playing outside and even sleeping. They become sleep deprived, lose their energy levels & concentration, become irritated and suffer from anxiety and fatigue.

In such cases, smart drugs, especially modafinil helps them to become relaxed, feel light and wakeful and go with their work and studies without any interruption. For stressed students, it is a quick fix to buy modafinil for getting relieved.

Reports suggest that other than clearing exams well, getting a better degree or move to the best university is not just the reason behind people to opt for such drugs. Instead, some of them are also found using such drugs for accomplishing the tasks that they hardly find interesting.

When asked the experts as to, “how does the drug work”, they have referred the drug with multiple actions.

Due to supporting multiple actions, modafinil works on numerous neurotransmitter systems in the brain. And because of these multiple actions only, one feels like a number of things are improving in his body.

According to Dr Peter Morgan from Yale University, Neurotransmitters are some kind of chemicals that work for transmitting signals between the cells in the brain and in your brain, modafinil affects the dopamine system. This dopamine chemical makes you more alert as well as interested towards the things. It also affects the norepinephrine that again makes you more alert and better for focusing over the things. It further affects the histamine for keeping you awake for whatever time you want.

Modafinil boosts the working memory in the humans. Hence, it interests students, particularly those engaged in the last minute cramming. This smart drug enhances your short-term memory by more than 10%.

A large amount of student crowd is obtaining modafinil online from any source they found and sometimes they end up buying almost anything. They are thus, advised to buy the drugs from a reputable source only. This is to bring absolute safety measures for them, especially when your doctor prescribes about it and its doses. Doses of exceeding the prescribed amount of medicine could lead to effect brain negatively.


It is true that majority of students are nowadays turning towards buying modafinil for treating their ‘brain troubles’. If the dose is taken in the prescribed amount and advised by a reputed consultant, it would definitely help you regain the concentration, energy and wakefulness.

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