Safe usage of Dianabol

Dianabol, the “king of mass” steroid is a bodybuilding supplement. It is used in bulking cycle to gain weight quickly. A person can put on over 20 pounds of weight within a couple of weeks of its usage. Being a fast acting powerful drug, it has several side effects. Hence the common dosage for this steroid has to be carefully chosen.

Dianabol, commonly known as Dbol is a powerful androgenic steroid. It must not be used by women even in small doses.

Some of the side effects of Dbol are

  • Ache
  • Oily skin
  • Body hair growth
  • Hair loss
  • Causes male pattern baldness
  • High blood pressure
  • Severe water retention which gives a bloated look. Water retention is also responsible for high blood pressure.
  • Suppresses good cholesterol ( HDL ) and increases bad cholesterol ( LDL ) significantly
  • Suppresses natural testosterone production and increases estrogen levels in men
  • Increases risk of heart disease and Type II Diabetes
  • Promotes gynecomastia which is the formation of breast tissue, and is often first observed as itchy and sore nipples in its early stages.
  • Causes severe liver stress which could result in liver damage.

Dianabol Dosage:  Apart of dosage issues, any medicine is prescribed with a required dosage limits only. The over dosage of any medicine will definitely impacts in high negative side effects. This is quite common. Unless and until if you follow the desired cyclic pattern will definitely let you build up a perfect body shaper otherwise the drastic changes or side effects might ruin your personality.

Keeping in view of these side effects, the common dose for this steroid should be determined cautiously. A Dbol cycle is generally around 4-6 weeks. It should not be used beyond 8 weeks so as to not cause permanent liver damage. Beginners are generally suggested a daily dosage of 10mg. It must be assessed regularly for side effects. If found effective, it can be gradually raised to 25mg. Higher dosage can cause damage to internal organs. The half-life of Dbol is 4-5 hours. Intake of steroid increases the blood concentration levels in the body. To maintain peak blood concentration level, it is recommended to split the dosage into 2-3 small doses over the course of the day so that there is less strain on the liver. 50mg per day may be manageable for an experienced anabolic steroid user. It is beneficial to have the dose after meals to avoid stomach upset. Drink abundant water to reduce side effects.  It is advised to limit or stop alcohol consumption during this period to shun risk to the liver.

Dbol has a dramatic effect in gaining muscle mass. It has equally dramatic estrogenic, androgenic, cardiovascular, estrogenic, testosterone, hepatotoxic side effects. To minimise permanent damage to internal organs, a proper dosage must be chosen taking into consideration the experience of the person with regard to anabolic steroid usage. During this time the person’s health vitals must be constantly monitored. A good Post Cycle Therapy ( PCT ) is also essential. Best and safe results from the usage of Dbol is possible if you take into account all the above suggestions.

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