The Beginners Guide to Drug Addiction and Treatment

With almost 3 million people addicted to drugs or alcohol and around 12 million people trying them every year, it is not difficult to imagine you know at least one of them. Those numbers are only those who admit they’ve been exposed to drugs or alcohol. There are many more who will not ever admit that they are involved with a dangerous substance due to privacy reasons. It is extremely important to understand both addiction and treatment.

What Drug Addiction is

Scientists agree that drug addiction is a disease of the brain. Every drug is different so it is easier to state what drug addiction is not. It is not a moral failing. It is not a lack of willpower and it is not a character flaw. Unfortunately, like mental illness, addiction carries a sort of stigma.

Many drugs cause permanent changes in the brain causing a person to need the drug to function normally. These changes are not always permanent but they can be. Drugs can also cause a psychological addiction. This means that you believe you need the drug to function or the drug fulfills a psychological need like reducing stress. A good example of this is a cigarette relaxing you, nicotine an ingredient of cigarettes is actually a stimulant not a relaxant.

What Drug Treatment is

Drug treatment is another often misunderstood process. Take California rehab centers for instance. There are people who still think drug treatment is 12 step meetings and stark walls as well as suffering through withdrawal without any help. They picture shivering or vomiting alone without people around you and with no choice and no privacy. You do not have to suffer alone. We can help you through this process. This is not the way that many rehab centers function. Most rehab centers:

  • Offer spa like conditions
  • Have exercise rooms and massage
  • Offer hydrotherapy
  • Have doctors on staff to dispense medications that mask the withdrawal symptoms or prevent them entirely
  • Offer both private and group therapy
  • Offer you a choice

It all depends on which treatment center you choose. Although some still practice the archaic notions, these are few and far between. What it comes down to is that you need to choose the treatment center that is right for you. If you prefer old methods, you can still find them but they are outdated. Most people opt for the newer methods of treatment and modern therapy.

Where to get Help

You have a choice where to get treatment as well as what type of treatment to get. We are available 24/7 and have a broad range of treatment centers and treatment options available. We can help you by giving you all of your options. If you have questions, we can answer them. We also offer privacy. Your call is confidential. You are not alone in your treatment and treatment decisions. We can help.

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