Understanding Neuro Emotional Technique and its Role in Splankna Treatment

NET or Neuro Emotional Technique is an innovative and highly effective mind body stress reduction technique. Splankna treatment incorporates Neuro-Emotional Technique or NET along with two other mind- body treatments which include Thought Field Therapy or TFT, Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT and EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing psychotherapy treatment.

NET technique can benefit almost everyone and can help in treating an endless number of issues and conditions, both physical and emotional. It helps in promoting better health and healing by assisting clients decrease and get rid of the chronic physical pain. Frequently, in response to a nerve-wracking event people experience physical pain. Over a period of time without suitable treatment, these emotions can get result in certain physical illnesses. Once this takes place, it becomes very difficult to treat the problem with conventional medicine. And this is when NET technique can help to a great extent.

Benefits As Mentioned By Splankna that Neuro Emotional Technique Offers

  • Physical benefits: This technique helps to remove blockages that can create uneasiness and prevent organs from operating smoothly. This is why patients undergoing NET technique seem to get relief from headaches and body pains. This technique can also be utilized to lessen stomach issues such as acid reflux and also nasal problems can be resolved. In addition to this, NET technique helps to remove toxins from the body which helps a person to stay healthy.
  • Emotional Benefits: Neuro Emotional Technique connects patient with earlier traumas that may be stopping the patient from moving forward emotionally. This technique acts as a biofeedback ring that helps to remove this blockage. Moreover, patients feel a sense of relief after undergoing the NET treatment as they tend to have less anxiety.

Thus, it can be said that this powerful technique can help with goal setting, stress reduction, and increase your confidence. It is a valuable tool in life coaching as it is great at eliminating the negativity. In a nutshell, NET is an interesting option that can help you to grow in your life.

Usually, a NET session includes a brief discussion regarding the thing that you will want to change or shift in life. After this a sequence of muscle testing procedures are located to remove the negative memories and emotions from the system. Usually all these takes an hour to complete.

How do people feel after undergoing NET technique?

After undergoing an NET technique session, people usually feel as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders and that their situation or experience has been changed for the better. Difficult situations and feelings that have plagued people for years seem to disappear, and are substituted by a new found consciousness and a sense of liberty.

Splankna training institute has been developing a Holistic Psychology protocol for the last two decades from a brutally Biblical viewpoint. This training institute has more than 2,000 trained practitioners in the China, Canada, Mexico and U.S.A.

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