Why Should You Consider A Dental Implant During A Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can include a damaged tooth. Sustaining a major damage to the teeth can be a dental emergency, the damage could be accidental or it could be due to a medical condition. A dental implant could be a speedy and convenient solution to your medical emergency.

Dental implant

A Dental implant is a Titanium frame that replaces the root and on this dental implant a replacement tooth is attached. The Titanium frame is inserted into the jawbone under the gum to replace the damaged natural root. The teeth thus restored looks and feel completely natural contrary to dentures, which were always visible as an attachment.



Choosing a dental implant in a dental emergency is beneficial due to following reasons

  • Getting a dental implant is fast – A dental implant can be inserted quickly so your dental emergency will be dealt with at the earliest.
  • It looks like real teeth, so, you can come out of your dental emergency without worrying about any deviation from looks.
  • The Titanium post holds your implant securely, so it doesn’t get loose like dentures and bridges. Thus you can eat comfortably without worrying about it getting loose.
  • Dental implants are a better alternative to general oral health as these are not anchored to other teeth like bridges.
  • Long life – using a dental implant is a long-term The material used for making implants is not prone to decay, and with simple care can last a lifetime. Visits to a dentist are occasional and are similar to a normal teeth examination.


The success of Dental implants depends on the location of original teeth. The overall success percentage of a dental implant is more than 95 percent. If you smoke or are suffering from diabetes the dental implants may not be an option for you since inserting a dental implant includes its penetration to the jaws and the gums. The initial step of installing a dental implant is an evaluation of its suitability for you.

Taking care of your dental implant is a necessary step to prevent any kind of infection. It does not need any extra attention, just the attention and cares you would normally give to your teeth. You just need to have good oral habits like regular flossing and brushing your teeth to keep it clean and plaque free. Just a little care goes a long way to avoid any kind of infection and general oral health.

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